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Major League Blues - The Choreo Project

Major League Blues Series

So you think you can swing with the big leagues huh?   Well, prove it! 

Nocturne in NYC has teamed up with Sweet Molasses Blues in Boston to give you an entire week of workshops, dancing, and good music.  Step up to bat, its your turn to make a home run!

The Choreo Project...

Sweet Molasses Blues is dedicated to presenting some of the most creative blues performances around.  
Wouldn't it be great if you were a part of that goal?

Your Mission should you choose to accept it:  Create a fabulous piece of choreography in only 5 days.  Can it be done?  YES!

Will it be a ridiculously fun time working closely with other dancers?  Will it be challenging and push you in ways you don't expect?  Yes and Yes!

The Scoop:

Every evening we get together in our groups for three hours to work on a piece of choreography that is specifically set on you and your small group.

All choreography will be taken to Sweet molasses to be adjudicated during the afternoon and get the chance to perform on Saturday night.  This does not mean that you have to be in the choreography track at Sweet Mo, but it does mean that you have to purchase a full pass to Sweet Mo.

For all the details go to:   NocturneBlues.com/choreo-project

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The Choreo Project

Join us for the Major League Blues week between Nocturne Blues and Sweet Molasses for the Choreo Project!

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Available Price Points:

  • $ 75.00 US - Early Bird Price (expired 2016-07-04)
  • $ 95.00 US - Regular Price (expired 2016-07-20)