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Event Passes

Some Notes...

Each attendee must register and pay under a separate account.  If you are buying a pass for your friend/partner/spouse, you must make a new login profile for them. 

The following items are not included with the passes listed below, but they can be purchased on the following pages:

  • Lunches
  • Entrance to Competitions
  • Friday Night Switch! Workshop
  • The Choreo Project

Full Passes will be available at the door for $200.
  • Presale Single Dance + Late Night:
    • Friday: $35, Saturday: $35, Sunday: $30
    At the Door Single Dances:
    • Friday & Saturday: Main: $25, Late Night (after 12:30): $15, $40 for both*
    • Sunday: Main: $20, Late Night: $15, $35 for both*
    A-la-carte Classes at the door:  1 or 1.25 hours: $30,  1.5 hours: $40
  • Other things of note:
    • To participate in competitions: You must have a Saturday Full Day Pass, a Dance Only Pass, or a Full Pass.
    • *At the dances you will be asked to pay for the full amount upfront.  You will then get a $15 refund if you leave before the late-night begins.   (This is to make your life easier!  We won’t have to clear out the ballroom and invite you to come back in.)

*** If you are able to, you are welcome to choose a more expensive pass and save the early bird specials for those who may need them more ***

** All sales are final. Treat this like you would a theatre ticket.  (i.e. You can sell your ticket  on craigslist, but you aren't able to get a refund from the box office.)  Nocturne Event Passes are transferable until July 19th at Noon, but they are non-refundable. 

 If you need to transfer your ticket, please send a joint email to dance@nocturneblues.org.  Both parties involved in the transfer must chime in to confirm the transaction before Nocturne Blues will officially transfer the pass.

Event Passes expired as of 12:00 pm EDT, 2016-07-20

Begin your Registration

Full Weekend Pass

"All Access Weekend Passes" include entrance into:

  • all workshops on Saturday and Sunday, including entrance to a Boot Camp on Saturday
  • all dances (both evening and late night) for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • pre-dance Intro to Blues Classes
  • late night snacks!
For more information about our classes & Boot Camps visit www.nocturneblues.com/classes

Available Price Points:

  • $ 120.00 US - I Caught The Worm! (All Access Weekend Pass) (sold out)
  • $ 135.00 US - Early Bird (All Access Weekend Pass) (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 155.00 US - Snooze Button (All Access Weekend Pass) (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 175.00 US - Not Too Late! (All Access Weekend Pass) (sold out)
  • $ 185.00 US - Just In Time! (All Access Weekend Pass) (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 155.00 US - Student and International (All Access Weekend Pass) (expired 2016-07-20)

Single Day All Access

"Single Day All Access" passes include entrance into:

  • all classes and workshops for one day (includes a Saturday Boot Camp if you purchase a pass for Saturday)
  • all dances for one night (both Evening and Late Night)
  • pre-dance Intro to Blues class
  • late night snacks!
For more information about our classes & Boot Camps visit www.nocturneblues.com/classes

If buying multiple days, please add each one to your cart individually.

Available Price Points:

  • $ 95.00 US - Saturday Workshop + Dances (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 95.00 US - Sunday Workshop + Dances (expired 2016-07-20)

Dance Only Pass

"Dance Only" passes include entrance into:

  • all dances (both Evening and Late Night)
  • pre-dance Intro to Blues classes
  • late night snacks!

If buying multiple nights, please add each one to your cart individually.

Available Price Points:

  • $ 75.00 US - Early Bird Dance Only Full Weekend (sold out)
  • $ 90.00 US - Regular Dance Only Full Weekend (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 35.00 US - Friday Dance & Late Night (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 35.00 US - Saturday Dance & Late Night (expired 2016-07-20)
  • $ 30.00 US - Sunday Dance & Late Night (expired 2016-07-20)

Bootcamps Only

Classes all day Saturday.  Entrance to either the "Street Talk" track or the "Kick Butt" track Saturday daytime.

$65.00 US (expired 2016-07-20)