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Nocturne Blues is happening one more time!  

And when we say one more time, we actually mean it.  This is the last year of Nocturne Blues as you know it.  After this year we will be changing our name to better fit our mission of History & Culture.  

As always, we will be bringing you...

Three nights of dancing...
Two full days of classes...
Live Music (every night!)
Competitions, Prizes, and of course...
Dancing all night long with your favorite people from across the country!

Education & the exploration of specific styles of Blues Dancing is our main goal at Nocturne. We have a stellar line up of Instructors who will be sharing their extensive research & passion for dancing with you.

          Nocturne Mission:  History & Culture

“…the Blues Set is sometimes said to be the one that gets things back down to the so-called nitty gritty, which is to say back down from the cloudlike realms of abstraction and fantasy to the bluesteel and rawhide textures of the elemental facts of the everyday struggle for existence. As a result of which the dancers (who were sometimes said to be put in the groove) were normally expected to respond … with warm person-to-person intimacy that was both robust and delicate.”

              —Albert Murray, Stomping on the Blues

In the spirit of this quote by Albert Murray, Nocturne’s mission is to get “back down to the so-called nitty gritty”. The "nitty gritty" being questions like:  Where did the blues come from?  What is it today?  Where is it going?  

Knowledge is power, and we believe that knowing more about where we come from can enrich and enliven where we are going.

Who's coming?!

Name City
Chelsea Adams Layton, UT
Lindsey Almarode Corvallis, OR
Karl Amundson Cambridge, MA
navid arbabi toronto, Ontario
Joy Arico Rochester, NY
Eddy Aristilde Brooklyn, NY
Jeri Lynn Astra jersey city, NJ
Grace Avery New York, NY
Laney Barhaugh Minneapolis, Minnesota
Angela Beall Asheville , NC
Neil Benen New York, NY
Amy Blank Watertown, MA
Sarah Bolton Durango, CO
Thomas Boutell Philadelphia, PA
Lindy Bowen St. Paul, MN
Bill Brodie New York, NY
Julie Brown Jamaica Plain, MA
Gregory Carey Middle River, Maryland
Neil Carroll Erie, PA
Noemí Castell Colomé Barcelona, Spain
Thomas Chappell Cambridge, MA
Voon Chew New York, NY
Nikiah Childs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
shane clark Philadelphia, PA
Chris Cogell Columbus, OH
Melissa S. Cohen Rego Park, NY
Savannah Crespo Denver, CO
Nick DeWitt Austin, TX
Brianne Dickey New York, NY
Rae Dunn Edmonton, AB
Jasmine Eisner Chicago, IL
Sarah Elise Somerville, MA
Kate F Oak Hill, VA
Elliann Fairbairn Toronto, Ontario
Brooke Ferris New York, NY
Erin Firmat Brooklyn, New York
Andrew Frankel Long Island City, NY
Todd Gates Brooklyn, NY
Carol Geisler NEW YORK, New York
Greg Gershowitz Charlotte, NC
Lewi Gilamichael New York, NY, New York
Mark Gilman Queens, NY
Leah Gottlieb Philadelphia, PA
Jill Grant Dartmouth, NS
Margaret Griffith Jersey City , NJ
Kathryn Hallin State College, Pennsylvania
Lily Harrison Seattle, WA
Hilary Hayward Long Island City, NY
Shawn Hershey NY, NY
Olivia Hillmer New Haven, CT
Jeanette Holmes New York, NY - New York
Gabrielle Hurd St. Paul, MN
Danielle Jacobowitz Seattle, WA
Jack Jenkins Brooklyn, NY
Thomas Jenkins Gainesboro, TN
Virginia Jimenez New York, New York
Grace Jones-Taylor Austin, TX
John Joven Brooklyn, NY
Ashik Kabir New York , NY
Riley Karbon Saint Paul, MN
Fenella Kennedy Columbus, OH
Vartan Khachaturov Denver, co
Ryo Kimura Pittsburgh, PA
Marcie Klein New York, NEW YORK
Shoshana Krieger-Joven New York, NY
Pomona Lake Vancouver, BC
Gael Le Mens Barcelona,
Mike Legett Boston, MA
Ari Levitt Mercer Island, WA
Marc Longhenry Philadelphia, PA
Gina Longo Mountain View, CA
Alan Lotrakul Houston, Tx
John Lozano Seattle, WA
Melvin Lu Seattle, WA
Sally MacAdams Thornbury, VIC
Ben Mackey New York, NY
Samantha Manewitz SOMERVILLE, MA
Tim Margheim Austin, TX
Nicole Markley Brooklyn, NY
Matthew Martin Montreal, Quebec
Jenn Martinez Watertown, MA
Renford McDonald West New York, NJ
Judith Meer ,
Timothy Miller Brooklyn, NY
Tova Moreno Brooklyn, NY
Jered Morin Montpellier, Provence
J. Mundinger State College, Pennsylvania
Bradley Nathanson Charlotte, North Carolina
Braden Nesin Cambridge, MA
Stevenson Nwokenkwo Houston, TX
Dan Parshall Denver, CO
Kerian Pearson Philadelphia, PA
James D Pitts IV Amherst, MA
Jennifer A Piwonski Brooklyn, NY
Margaret Pixley Brooklyn, NY
Matthew Rapp Philadelphia, PA
Katie Reid Englewood, CO
Steve Rekhler Long Island City, NY
Shoshana Roberts Long Island City, NY-New York
Sam Rosenblum medford, ma
Annie Salorio Philadelphia, PA
Joey Science Chicago, IL
Jeff Segal Astoria, NY
Kenneth Shipp Murfreesboro, TN
Andrew Smith The World, Earth
Lisa Standke New York, NY
Damon Stone Saint Paul, MN
Kelsy Stone Saint Paul, MN
Kalina Swann Troy, NY
Samuel Sykes New York, ny
Maria Taranov Princeton, NJ
Tanya Teal Montreal, QC
Angel Tripp New York, NY
Nicole Trissell Mountain View, CA
eve weinberg toronto, ontario
Christopher Wells Tempe, AZ
Jennifer White Urbana, IL
Adam Wilkerson Huntsville, Alabama
Krystal Wilkerson Huntsville, Alabama
Hugh Wimberly Mountain View, California
Stephen York Cambridge, MA
Eric Zhang Mississauga, Ontario

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